Amon Ra God

Amon Ra Egyptian God

Over the years, the ancient Egyptian civilization has grown and developed, creating masterworks and other exciting things. Religion has been essential to every part of life to keep things going. Because of this, many beliefs and gods have grown in popularity over time. Amon Ra Egyptian God was the most powerful of all the essential gods, especially after he merged with the god Ra.

Who is Amon Ra God of the Sun?

Amon Ra Egyptian God
Amon Ra God in the Egyptian New Kingdom.

Amon Ra God of the Sun and Air God of Ancient Egypt, Amun-Ra, (also could be written as Amun, Amon, Ammon, and Amen) was one of the most important gods in ancient Egypt. He became famous at Thebes at the beginning of the New Kingdom (c. 1570–1069 BCE).

Amon Ra was the Egyptian King of the Gods. He was worshipped as the creator of everything, including himself and all other gods. So, he had all-powerful, devoted followers who gathered to worship Amon Ra at the Temple of Amon-Ra in Thebes.

Due to the popularity of Amon Ra God, religion was mainly monotheistic for many centuries. Amon-Ra combines two early gods: Amon, the god of the air, and Ra, the god of the sun. In 1570 BCE, Ahmose I of Thebes unified Egypt and started the New Kingdom. With Thebes as the center of the Egyptian government, Amon Ra Egyptian Sun God became the main god of all of Egypt. His religion was the most powerful and famous in Egypt for hundreds of years.

The Power of Amun-Ra

The power of Amun-Ra God
The power of Amun-Ra God.

The ancient Egyptians called Amon Ra things like the Egyptian King of the Gods; he was someone they didn’t want to upset. The ram’s fertility and war symbolize two powerful forces that create and kill people. Though this may be true, he wasn’t always known this way.

He was known to have so much power that some historians think the ancient Egyptians only believed in him. Ra also had a lot of stories that the Egyptians knew, like how he brought light to the sky for the people on Earth and the Underworld to show how powerful he was.

On the other hand, Amon was the god of pharaohs, and he joined Ra and became known as Amon Ra. Amun-Ra Egyptian God was a critical god to the Egyptians, but they had no idea how much he would affect the future.

For example, Amon Ra influenced the Greeks and believed that Zeus was the King of the gods. As this shows, it is clear that Amon Ra Egyptian Sun God greatly impacted the different religions that grew up after the ancient Egyptians fell.

In general, when the sun god Ra became the patron of pharaohs, it started a trend of thinking of a god with two sides: one that explained nature and the cosmos, and the other that showed care for the people. Even though Egyptians cared more about their pharaohs, the fact that they started watching more about the individuals shows that they were moving away from authoritarian rule.

Who was Amon Ra Family?

Amon Ra Family
Egyptian Papyrus of Amon Ra and His Wife Mut.

Amon’s first wife was Amaunet, so she became the mother goddess. When she died, Mut took her place. She was the wife of Amon Ra God, so she became the goddess of Thebes.
Khonsu (Chons) was Amon’s son and the god of the moon and time.
Amon Ra Egyptian god was part of the triad of Thebes with Mut and her son Chons. They were made up of three gods, representing a mother, father, and child.

Amon Ra’s Main Temples

Egypt had many temples built to worship Amun-Ra Egyptian God. You can go to Luxor, Karnak, and Deir el-Medina, the three temples of Amon.

Luxor Temple

City of Luxor
Luxor temple, Luxor.

In the south of Egypt, on the east side of the Nile River, the city of Luxor, the World’s Largest Outdoor Museum, is one of the most beautiful temples.

The Luxor Temple is a beautiful monument in the middle of modern Luxor that reminds us of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians built Luxor Temple around 1500 BC, an important place of worship and pilgrimage in ancient Egypt. you could visit it by booking our Luxor day tours.

Karnak Temple

Luxor Day Tours
The Temple of Karnak, Luxor.

The Karnak Temple is Luxor’s crown jewel, built to honor the Amon Ra god. Over time, each Pharaoh added to it, making it the most significant temple complex ever built. When you go to the Karnak temple, you’ll be amazed by its beautiful architecture and the beautiful obelisks and towers that are carved with designs and hieroglyphs.

The Karnak Temple Complex is made up of several temples, chapels, and other buildings that look like a village. The name “Karnak” comes from the Arabic word for “fortified village,” which is how this complex got its name.

Temple of Deir El-Medina

Temple of Deir El-Madina
Temple of Deir El-Madina.

On the western side of the Nile is the city of Deir el-Medina. Don’t forget to stop by the Deir el-Medina temple if you’re in the Valley of the Kings.
Even though the Ptolemaic Temple of Deir el-Medina Workman’s isn’t as impressive as the Valley of the Kings, many people who visit Luxor stop by the village for a few minutes before going to the Valley of the Kings to see two or more tombs. Most people overlook the temple at the other end of the village, but I think it’s beautiful and worth seeing. It’s still in great shape now. It is also a place of worship for the workers and their needs.

Amon Ra Symbol

Amon Ra Symbol
Monument of Amun-Ra Symbol.

The Amun-Ra Egyptian God symbol is not always the same. Because of his power and nature, the god has been shown with many different symbols. Amun-Ra also used many symbols from other gods from Egypt and other places. Early pictures of Amun show him with two straight plumes on his head.

As the Sun God, Ra was often shown with a hawk’s head and a sun disc. Ra’s symbol of the sun disc was added when Amun and Ra merged into one god. Amun-Ra is often shown as a ram, like the Kushitic god, or as a man with a hawk’s head.

Amun-Ra Egyptian God became more well known as the number of people who believed in him grew. One of Amun-titled Ra’s titles was “Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands.” The thrones of the two lands refer to the pharaohs, and the two lands are Egypt.

Amon Ra Egyptian God was very close to the Pharaohs and was seen as the ruler of the rulers. People thought that Amun-Ra was the Pharaoh’s father and guardian. Amun-Ra was also known as Amun-Min-Kamutef, “the bull of his mother.” It refers to the idea that Amun-Ra is both the father and the son. Since he made himself, he has been the god of creation and fertility.

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How did Amon Ra God die?

Amon Ra King of Egyptian Gods
Temple of Amon the King of Egyptian Gods.

In one myth, Isis created a serpent to poison Ra. As he made his way through the darkness beneath the earth, he was attacked nightly by the giant snake Apophis (also known as Apep). Apep was the god of chaos and Ra’s arch-enemy.

She only gave him the antidote when he revealed his actual name to her. Isis passed this name on to Horus, bolstering his royal authority. He tried to prevent the sun from rising and destroying all life on earth.

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