Cairo Day Tours will take you through Egypt’s ancient history and is an excellent place to start your day in Cairo. We will work with you to create the perfect tour itinerary to guarantee that your trip is genuinely remarkable.

We can also completely customize your Egypt Travel Packages. On Egypt Day Tours and Cairo Day Tours from the airport, don’t miss out on discovering all of this land’s mysteries, including its hidden tombs and massive temples, as well as learning more about Egyptian history and witnessing the imaginary excellent and artistic methodology of this culture and civilization.

We offer a variety of Cairo day trip programs and options, so you can select what is ideal for you and your budget. The journey to the Giza Pyramids, as well as the attractions of Old and Islamic Cairo, is one of our daily excursions in Cairo. Saqqara and Khan El Khalili, as well as the Pharaonic settlement. You may also take advantage of our tours from Cairo Airport, such as the Coptic Cairo tour, which includes visiting the Hanging Church and Islamic Cairo outings. Amon Ra Tours can also take you on a day trip from Cairo to Alexandria, an El Minya tour from Cairo, a day tour from Cairo to Fayoum, the Red Sea, or even a tour of Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine Monastery.

Top Cairo Day Tours & Trips 2023

$ 95

Greeks, Romans... The cultural legacy of Alexandria is evident in its monuments and archaeological sites. Immerse yourself in its past with this excursion from Cairo.


$ 50

Cairo is a city alive 24 hours a day. In this night tour, we will visit the ،Khan El Khalili Bazaar and the most amazing streets of the city. We will end with dinner in a traditional restaurant.


$ 90
Cities of Egypt

You don't need much time to take a vacation, you just need to choose one of our daily tours and you can come in a few hours to explore Cairo's famous attractions such as the pyramids, the Grand Egyptian Museum, and other wonderful places.


$ 75

First and foremost, your knowledgeable tour guide will be waiting for you at your hotel, ready to greet you and begin your Coptic and Islamic Cairo tour with a warm welcome to Egypt.


$ 70

With our Day Tour To Cairo Museum & Citadel, at the beginning of your exciting trip to Cairo, your tour guide will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby to embark on an unforgettable trip. Using your air-conditioned car that waits outside, your journey will begin, and your tour guide will start talking about Egyptian history and the most crucial tourist attractions you will stop at on your trip.


$ 85

Experience the best of Egypt with our Egyptian Museum, Citadel, Coptic Cairo, and Khan el Khalili, in a wonderful tour that combines the most inspiring places in Cairo Al-Muizz; you will be waiting for a visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum, Coptic Cairo with its famous mosques and churches, the beautiful union of buildings that reflects the harmony between the different groups of Egyptian society, and then to the beautiful tour of Khan Al-Khalili.


$ 50

Book the best Felucca ride in Cairo and a popular Egyptian Food Tour; Egypt's cuisine is distinguished by the use of primary and pleasant ingredients, prepared with a variety of spices but with relatively mild flavors, and, while the meat is prevalent, there are several vegetarian options. This is reflected in this tour, designed for foodies to uncover the secret flavors of Egyptian culture.


$ 45

Have your Lunch on Nile Cruise, at the start, your experienced tour guide will meet you at your hotel to begin your trip. You will be escorted to your air-conditioned car. Your guide will be focus on your interests, will tell you about Egyptian history, and will point out prominent Cairo sights.


$ 425

Enjoy exploring many attractions on a wonderful tour that begins with a visit to the three pyramids of Giza, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus next to the Great Sphinx, and then to the capital of ancient Egypt, the city of Memphis, and the pyramid of Djoser, the step pyramid at Saqqara.


Spending time in Cairo could teach you much about Egypt and its culture. We’ll talk about the different things you can do on vacation in Cairo because there are many.

If you’re planning a Day Trip to Cairo, this post will be a handy guide to the top places you have to see, and it will also serve that purpose for you here.

How to spend a day in Cairo?

  • Egyptian Museum

This place is like a dream come true for history and Egyptology buffs looking for a holiday location. In Egyptian Museum, there are around 150,000 artifacts and artifacts that are stored there, and the general public is allowed to examine them.

  • Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower is a fantastic piece of architecture built in the 1950s. It attracts a large number of visitors each year because it is 146 meters taller than the Great Pyramid of Cheops and is a popular tourist destination.

It is on an island in the Nile River in the middle of Zamalek. It looks like the stalk of a lotus flower, and at night, its light is ethereal and beautiful. There are shops, offices, and a restaurant that moves around inside. Enjoy some of the best food in the world while you look out at the city from a great height.

  • Citadel of Saladin

It’s a fenced-in area close to where people live and work. Some of the most important fortresses in the world were built in the Middle Ages. It is also known as Saladin’s Citadel. The legendary king of the 12th century made this fortress to protect himself from attacks by Crusaders.

  • Al Azhar Mosque

This is the most important mosque in Egypt and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Al Azhar Mosque is the most critical part of Shia Islam and is beautiful. Take your time to enjoy the rooms, the architecture, and the atmosphere.

  • Khan El Khalili

It is a long-standing and interesting tradition to visit the city’s many souks and bazaars. Khan El-Khalili, the oldest market in the world, is just one of many historic and beautiful markets. If you need to buy gifts for people back home before you leave Egypt for the holidays, you should go to the souks.

  • Step Pyramid

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is one of the oldest pyramids we know about, and it is often called a “magnificent” pyramid. Contrary to what most people think, this giant pyramid’s stepped shape differs from how all pyramids were initially built. Pyramids with smooth sides, like the ones at Giza, started to appear a long time later.

  • Hanging Church

The Hanging Church of Cairo is in Old Cairo, one of Egypt’s oldest and most prominent churches. At the Hanging Church, the Coptic Pope of Alexandria is now living. In both churches, people are welcome, and photography is allowed. However, people are asked not to take pictures during religious services.

  • Pyramids of Giza

The famous Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are both in the Giza Necropolis, outside Cairo, and these two buildings are both on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Because there will be thousands of people at all times, you shouldn’t go there hoping to take a quiet stroll through a historical site. Because it is so popular, people usually want to sell you something, like a ride on a camel.

Cairo Day Trips

Most people who visit Egypt to see its many historical sites will first stop in Cairo, the country’s modern and historic capital city. It has the most people living in it of any urban area in Africa and is home to many different kinds of people. It is more than just a historical site because it has things from both the Middle Ages and the present day. You can enjoy many amenities, such as beautiful views, delicious food, shopping options, and more.