Know the best Egypt travel guide of the land of contrasts composed of beautiful desert landscapes graced by the inexhaustible splendor of the Nile River; Egypt attracts millions of visitors.

It offers them a journey into the past thanks to its majestic temples and perfectly preserved wonders of antiquity. Considered the cradle of civilizations, Egypt is a unique country, a fantastic destination full of charm and history that invites visitors to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Egypt offers an exciting mix of adventure, culture, and mystery that invites everyone who visits it to get lost in its colossal temples and surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Cairo.

Among the country’s myriad attractions, Egypt offers the possibility to enjoy the tranquility of a cruise on the Nile River and marvel at the majestic pyramids before sampling excellent Egyptian culinary specialties or plunging into the depths to admire the immensity of the Red Sea. As the Greek historian Herodotus said more than two thousand years ago, “He who has not seen Egypt has not seen the world.”

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Egypt Travel Guide: The Best Places to Visit in Egypt

What is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

November through March, Egypt’s winter, are the most pleasant months to visit. It is doubtful to rain in the southern cities of Luxor and Aswan. December and January are the busiest months.

In the winter, haze can be a problem in the mornings in Cairo, so it’s better to save outdoor sightseeing (like seeing the pyramids of Giza) for the afternoon. During the winter months, it can rain in Cairo and Alexandria.

The summer months often bring sweltering heat that can be difficult to bear. It can go as cold as -40C (104F) and as warm as 55C (130F). This is a dry heat in Luxor and Aswan, but the humidity in Cairo and Alexandria may make it feel even worse.

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Egypt is an excellent destination for budget-conscious travelers. And if the idea of splashing out on five-star lodging and a cruise down the Nile appeals to you, you won’t have to go into debt to accomplish it.

Egypt Nile Cruises are a highlight of any visit to the country. Taking a boat between the Egyptian cities of Luxor and Aswan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All around Egypt, including in Cairo, the “river of life,” as the locals call it, sends out waves of positive energy.

Is it Safe to Visit Egypt?

Egypt’s tourist industry has boomed recently, and many returning travelers have remarked how safe they felt there. The Egyptians are among the most hospitable individuals you would ever encounter.

Police and military forces are heavily deployed. At first, it may be unsettling to drive past multiple police checkpoints and see guards armed with weapons. Whenever you enter a building like a hotel or a museum that caters to tourists, you will have to go through a metal detector.

Yet, these measures are being taken for the safety of visitors. Since Egypt relies heavily on tourism, the country has taken many precautions to ensure the safety of its visitors.

Egypt is a vast country; you should research the specific region you plan to visit to ensure your safety. Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel are safe tourist destinations in Egypt.

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Top Egypt Travel Guide, Tips & What to Pack

  • Wearing layers that can be shed during the day’s heat and put back on in the evening will keep you comfortable.
  • Bring an extra sweater or light jacket in case you get cold in the evenings or indoors.
  • UV protection gear like sunglasses, lotion, and a brimmed hat is recommended.
  • Both sexes should dress conservatively for sightseeing in cities, with lightweight pants, loose shorts, long skirts or trousers, and at least short-sleeved shirts.
  • Every woman’s suitcase should have large scarves to drape over the neck and shoulders.
  • You should bring extra glasses or contacts if you wear them.
  • If you plan on visiting any of the many holy sites that require visitors to remove their shoes, then investing in a good pair of socks is essential.
  • Make sure you bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes if you plan to walk or stand while sightseeing. There may be better choices than sandals, and rubber or crepe-soled shoes are recommended when exploring the desert and ancient ruins.
  • Bring your swimwear, as many of the hotels in the area provide swimming pools.
  • Evening eating in downtown restaurants and on your Egypt Nile Cruise will necessitate slightly more elegant attire.
  • Minimalist emergency medical supplies kit. Medical supplies and prescriptions (please remember to bring the original containers).
  • Technology charging cords. Voltage regulators and adaptor plugs are included.
  • Most hotels and ships operating the Nile River Cruises offer a laundry service. Bigger towns and cities typically have dry cleaners.


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