The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum

What is the Egyptian Museum famous for?

The Egyptian Museum ( Cairo Museum ) located in Cairo’s Tahrir Square is one of the world’s most famous museums, and the ancient Egyptian civilization has left behind countless treasures to witness the glorious long history.

Although the size of the museum is not comparable as the Louvre, British Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Egyptian Museum is still one of the world’s largest museums, with 150,000 exhibits and another 30,000 in underground storage.

Cairo Museum
King Amenhotep III and his Wife in The Egyptian museum

Is the ancient Egyptian Museum still open?

Yes, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir is still open to visitors daily from am to 5 pm.

Opening hours 9:00-17:00 The tourist season (winter) is very busy with tourists and locals, try to avoid weekend visits.
Highlights of the Egyptian Museum exhibitions
After slowly getting used to the noise and chaos of the museum, I was completely blown away by the artifacts!

What is inside the Egyptian Museum?

Into The Egyptian Museum, the first glance is very shocked. Egypt can always challenge our psychological bottom line, did not expect to have such a chaotic national museum.

Not a large hall full of artifacts, and even feel crowded and chaotic, unlike most museums as neat and orderly, visitors are easily dazzled.

cairo museum
Interior view of the Egyptian Museum

The signs are not clear, there are many artifacts without any protective measures for visitors to touch, the rest area is very little, some visitors even directly sitting on the legs of statues, noisy chaos crowded, How old is the Egyptian Museum? 120 YEARS.

The museum’s curator said, “The ancient Egyptians liked this kind of arrangement, and in the Egyptian temples and tombs, every available space is either full of hieroglyphics or piles of decorations, which is the Egyptian style.

On the second floor of 21,31,36,37,46,48 are displayed a large number of mummy coffins.

The mummy of Ramses II was once infected with bacteria, and the Egyptian government made a passport for the mummy of Ramses II, and got the French government to apply for a visa, and finally arrived in France for examination.

Ramses II :

Ramses II died at the age of 96, a godlike existence for Egypt, where the average age was only 40, and his body was decorated in the utmost luxury, thanks to the loyal Theban priests who dug the mummy out of the tomb and hid it elsewhere to preserve it.

Tutankhamun :

History’s forgotten young pharaoh, whose tomb in the Valley of the Emperors was never stolen, has preserved a large number of treasures, the best of which are on the second floor of The Egyptian Museum.

Verified by DNA, Tutankhamun was the son of Amenhotep IV, who was only 17-19 years old when he died, and the cause of his death has always been a mystery. The death of the people who excavated Tutankhamun’s tomb in the first place has left behind the legend of the pharaoh’s curse.

Where is Tutankhamun now?

Into the exhibition hall of Tutankhamun, the first to see two life-size statues, wearing a holy serpent image on the forehead, holding a club, the pleated skirt is a Scheidt skirt, which is so strange shape, quadrilateral skirt, the skin of the statue presents black, and the skin tone of the god Osiris, representing the gods of the underworld.

This superbly decorated box, found in the antechamber of Tutankhamun’s tomb, has a painting on it showing the theme of victory over the Egyptian enemy, with the king driving this magnificent carriage, pulling his bow and shooting at the enemy, and the army in the back row following the pharaoh as a whole.

On the other side, Tutankhamun is depicted as a sphinx trampling over the bodies of his enemies. The box contains three pairs of golden sandals, a papyrus plant, dress shoes with laces, etc. Due to the long storage time, it is extremely easy to break, and it took three weeks just to clean this box

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Cairo museum
interior view of The Egyptian museum

Tutankhamun exhibition Cairo museum :

Tutankhamun exhibition hall in the middle of the location, placed this throne, can be counted as the most popular, gold glittering throne inlaid with various colors of gems, exquisite, the throne of the four-foot gladiator lion pattern, the armrest is a pair of wings of the sacred serpent statue, unfolded arms to protect Tutankhamun’s king name circle.

The most exquisite or the front of the throne carved painting, backrest Tutankhamun sitting on a chair, next to his wife (also sister) Ankhesenamun, holding a jar, is ready to Tutankhamun anointing, this loving pattern has also become the most representative image of Egypt.

After visiting the small objects and moving forward, you see the large coffins, and this area is full of large exhibits.

The three sacrificial beds, each with a different animal at the head, are a lion, a cow, and a hippopotamus. The ewe bed is star-speckled with leopard print patterns that appear in the Book of the Dead’s weighing soul scene.

How mummies are made?

The Egyptian mummies are artificially dried unlike Xinjiang corpse is naturally air-dried.
After the death of the pharaoh, made into mummies, is the expectation of the deceased eternal life.

Mummy how to make it

In short, is trying to use iron hooks from the nostrils to remove all the brain, and then cut open the abdomen, take out all the internal organs, clean the abdomen with Nile water, filled with spices and coconut wine, and then in the sewing, the body soaked in alkali powder for several months, and then cleaned and wrapped with linen bandages, and then coated with tree resin outside.

Where are the bathrooms and the restaurant?

The restrooms are between the first and second floors, although the instructions have a restaurant and cafe, we went when they were closed, it feels like closing down, so you can only halfway out of the museum for food, tickets can be re-entered on the same day, but only for the day.

Egyptian Museum tickets and photography tickets :

Tickets: 75 Egyptian pounds, 100 Egyptian pounds for the mummy gallery, and 50 Egyptian pounds for a photography permit.
If you do not buy a photography permit, security checks are not allowed to bring SLR into the museum, you need to store (taking into account the security of Egypt, the expensive camera storage is too uneasy), cell phones can be brought into, although it should not shoot, the management is too confusing, and no one cares.

What will happen to the old Egyptian Museum?

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum or Museum of Cairo, in Cairo, Egypt, is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. In 2022, the museum is due to be superseded by the new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza.

The old museum is set to lose its biggest draw, the magnificent Tutankhamun collection, to the GEM.

Cairo museum facts :

  • The museum was never called the Cairo Egyptian Museum, and it reached the Egyptian Artifacts Museum because it housed Egyptian antiquities.
  • It houses the most significant Egyptian antiquities and antiques and is commonly considered the “symbol of faith” by Egyptians.
  • This museum was established in 1900 by a French architect named Marcel Durgnon, not by an Egyptian ruler.
  • The museum has a “hall of royal mummies” with 11 mummies of Egyptian kings and queens.
  • The museum’s collection includes artifacts from the historic era through the Greco-Roman period.
  • Every year, 1.5 million people visit the museum. Every year, almost 500,000 Egyptians see it.
  • It contains 7 parts and royal corners according to the Egyptian reigning civilization’s period.
  • Most of the artifacts on the show are 5000 years old and come from Egypt.
cairo museum
The Egyptian museum

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