Howard Carter House

Howard Carter House

The house of Howard Carter

Howard Carter, a famous British archeologist, and Egyptologist have left an indelible mark on Luxor.  Because he and his team found the most famous ancient Egyptian site. The golden Pharaonic burial mask, as well as the intact Tomb of the Boy King Tutankhamun. His house is still in the same place after all these years.

Sir Gaston Maspero, a French Egyptologist, put Howard Carter in touch with Lord Carnarvon. Who hired him as a supervisor on the digs at Deir El Bahr to find the tombs of wealthy people. Soon after Carter won the concession in 1914, Lord Caravan hired him again for another job: to oversee the excavation of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Because of what Carter did on this project, he was hired again. Carter couldn’t find the secret chamber of King Tut’s mummy until November 4, 1922. Carter’s discovery made a big difference in how interested people were in Ancient Egypt and Egyptology all over the world.


Cairo is only an hour’s flight from Luxor in Upper Egypt, or you can take the night sleeper train from Cairo to Luxor (which takes roughly ten hours).

Hurghada residents have two options for getting around: by plane (30 minutes) or by car (about 4 hours). From Aswan, the only options are a three-hour drive or a two-day cruise on the Nile.


Howard Carter, a British archaeologist, lived across the sandstone cliff wall of the West Bank of Luxor, which is a very beautiful place.

Howard Carter was a British archaeologist who worked at the Tombs of the Nobles while living in the area. In 1899, when he was only 24 years old, the Egyptian Antiquities Service hired him as the first inspector because of how good he was at archaeology.

Howard Carter House

The Howard Carter House stands out because of its dome-shaped roof and its lush green surroundings.

There are still the original tools, maps, and a record player from Carter’s time. As well as antique furniture and a model of the tomb of Tutankhamun that Carter found in the house’s original interior.

It was hoped that Dr. Zahi Hawass would be one of the people who came up with the idea to reopen Howard Carter House. After it had been closed and left empty for years. It was thought that this would be a great way to bring in more tourists. give people a chance to learn more about Carter’s life.

Carter’s own movie and a scary 3D picture of him talking and walking around add to the great atmosphere of the House.

It’s a good idea to go to Luxor to see how the excavations got started. The man who started them was there.

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