Kalabsha Temple

The Kalabsha Temple

The Kalabsha Temple is a must-see in Aswan, which has been called the most beautiful city on the Nile River for a long time. Egyptians have been going there to spend the winter since the 1800s. The only way to see the beautiful Kalabsha Temple is on a trip to Egypt that has already been planned.

During Augustus’ rule, the Kalabsha Temple was built. It was built in Nubia to honor the god Mandoulis. Caligula and Trojan were among the other emperors who helped build it.

It was built by the Egyptian rulers Thothmosis and Amenhotep II during the 18th dynasty. It was built in a place that had been used since the 17th dynasty. People say that this temple is one of the best kept in Nubia.

Temple design

A chapel built by Ptolemy IX shows that an earlier temple built by Ptolemy IX stood where the Kalabsha Temple now stands. The towers of the Kalabsha Temple, on the other hand, are set at different angles, making the courtyard behind them look like a trapezoid. A small chapel and a gate from Kalabsha can be found on Elephantine Island. Augustus also built a gate in West Berlin.

From the upper levels of the tower, which used to have columns on three sides of the courtyard, you can see Lake Nasser. Aurelius Besarion, who was king of Ombos and Elephantine, banned pigs from the city because he thought they were bad for religion. His order is written on the right wall between the courtyard and the hall (about 249 AD). In this column, one of the longest Meroitic texts that has ever been found was found.

People say that Silko, the fifth-century Nubian ruler who tamed the wild Nubian Blemmyes, wrote something on a wall at the end of a building. On the edges of the screen are pictures of the King meeting Horus, Thoth, and other people. Amenhotep II, who lived from 1450 to 1425 B.C., was the first person to build this temple. At the back door, he is seen giving Min and Mandala’s wine. If you go to Aswan, don’t miss the chance to see the original temple of Amenhotep II. Now, people call it the Kalabsha Temple.

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