Marsa Alam and Abu Dabab

Marsa Alam, Egypt’s smallest city, has a population of barely 2,000 people and is situated on the Red Sea coast, around 275 kilometers south of Hurghada and more than 700 kilometers from Cairo.

Since 2001, Marsa Alam has had an international airport, making travel easier for visitors. The little settlement of Abu Dabab, approximately 31 kilometers distant, may be accessed by boat or bus from Marsa Alam.

The bay is often visited as a day excursion for snorkeling or a relaxing day at the beach.

Sights of Marsa Alam

Because the towns of Marsa Alam and Abu Dabab in Egypt are so tiny, all of the sites may be readily visited on foot. Marsa Alam was a tiny fishing town full of Bedouins.

Interesting architectural structures may still be discovered in the city’s little lanes. However, tourism has mostly taken over this region, as seen by the presence of hotels and restaurants.

The market mosque in Marsa Alam is a significant location that visitors may visit if they follow the dress code and requirements.

Shopping and neighborhoods

Marsa Alam is now mostly controlled by huge hotels and resorts. Within such resorts, there are often numerous stores where you can purchase souvenirs and the like, as well as restaurants and bars where you may eat local or foreign cuisine or have a drink.

If you want to learn more about the culture, you may go to the local trade fair in Marsa Alam. You may practice negotiating here and, with luck, obtain some local items at the greatest pricing.

The city’s main strip has more fashion businesses and shopping. There are also several local eateries there. It should be emphasized, however, that alcoholic drinks are not accessible according to the official religion.

Only at the hotel may tourists get and drink it. The majority of life, however, takes place immediately on the beach. However, the majority of the pubs and restaurants in the area are owned by hotels.


When it comes to finding adequate housing in Marsa Alam, there are a plethora of options. There are hotels and resorts for every budget right on the beach.

However, since Abu Dabab is a tiny town, there aren’t many hotels. If you want to remain on-site, you’ll have to delve a bit farther into your pocket.

All of the resorts along the shore span a broad area and provide entertainment activities for the whole family.

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