Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace is one of the most distinguished buildings in Alexandria, and it is located in a location that is difficult to overlook. In your travels, you will come across several palaces that were formerly the royal homes of various dynasties. As a result, the attention to detail and aesthetic appeal of the site is evident, as is the case in the gardens of the Montazah Palace in Egypt.

Montaza Palace is noted for its gorgeous and expansive grounds, as well as the royal buildings that have survived from the palace’s regal lineage. Because of their extensive size and aesthetic appeal, the gardens of the Montaza Palace are a popular tourist destination in Alexandria, attracting visitors from all over the world.

These cover around 46 hectares and are encircled by walls on the east, west, and south sides, with the wall on the north side extending to the Alexandrian shore.

There is so much to see and do in Alexandria that you will want to return to Egypt again and again!

Montaza Palace
Montaza Palace is a palace, museum and extensive gardens in the Montaza district of Alexandria,

Concerning the Montaza Palace

In 1892, Khedive Abbas Hilmi II constructed Montazah Palace as one of Egypt’s royal palaces, specifically in Alexandria. At the time of construction, Khedive Abbas Hilmi II utilized the palace for hunting and as lodging for his companion.

The bigger Al-Haramlik Palace and royal gardens were built to the Montazah Palace grounds by King Fuad I in 1932 to serve as a summer palace. The Egyptian royal family then took use of the palace by using it as a summer residence during their annual summer vacation.

History of the Montaza Palace

The Salamlek Palace, which was erected in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, the last monarch of the Muhammad Ali dynasty to retain the Khedive title over Egypt and Sudan, was the first structure on the enormous grounds of Montaza Palace. It served as a hunting lodge as well as a house for him and his companion.

The grounds of the Montaza Palace, which was established by King Fuad I in 1932 as a summer retreat, were expanded to include the magnificent palace of Al-Haramlik and royal gardens. It has two towers and is built in a combination of Ottoman and Florentine styles.

These towers are often built high above the ground and include ornate Italian Renaissance architectural features. Along with each level of the palace, there are large open arches that face the sea.

The Mohammed Ali dynasty resided in this palace throughout the period when it was in power, which was from the mid-19th century to the year 1952. The building has been in the family since 1892 when King Abbas II ordered its construction in the Salamlek neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The architecture of the Ottoman Empire as well as the Florentine style had a significant impact on the design of the palace, which can be seen in the way its shapes were combined.

By 1932, King Fouad had received a contract to construct a much grander palace, which was known as Haremlik. In exchange, his son, King Farouk, was tasked with the construction of a bridge over the Red Sea.

Whose role was it, exactly, to act as a container for the tide’s rising? Although the royal structures are not accessible, you may explore the grounds and the beach, which are both worth seeing. Because these areas are accessible to the general population.

President Anwar El-Sadat refurbished the ancient Salamlek Palace to serve as the official presidential palace of the Egyptian government. Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has lately made use of it.

The Haramlek is a fictional character created by the author Haramlek.

In addition to the Montazah Gardens Royal Field Inquiry, the property is also home to the Haramlek, which serves as a casino and a museum, as well as other attractions. There is also a luxurious hotel on the palace grounds, which is a popular option for the numerous tourists to the historic city that come to stay there.

The Al-Haramlik Montaza Palace is a public museum dedicated to the history of the Muhammad Ali dynasty and its art pieces. The Salamlek Palace has been converted into a hotel.

Montaza Palace: that combines the Byzantine Architecture and the Gothic and Islamic.

Alexandria’s Montaza Palace Gardens are a must-see.

The stunning grounds and regal residences of Montazah Royal Gardens set it apart from other royal gardens. Montazah Palace, which sits on more than 350 acres of land, contains a large portion of the gardens, which account for more than half of the total area of the estate.

Then it is a location to learn and explore in fantastic tranquillity as you take a stroll around Alexandria with your guide. There is a kingdom of nature to see in these gardens, with towering palm palms dotting the landscape. Additionally, it has a huge number of gazelles, who move through its expansions with a high degree of formality and elegance.

What is the best way to go to Montaza Palace Gardens in Egypt?

The most important sights in Alexandria may be reached by taking an excursion or a cab from your hotel.

What is the location of the Montazah Palace?

As well as being positioned along the seashore, Montaza Palace and Al Montazh Park Alexandria provide easy access to gorgeous beaches and the warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea nearby.

An enclosed cove with a specially designed deck enables small pleasure boats to come in and out of the bay without having to worry about harsh waves beyond the reach of land on the property. In addition, there is a lovely lighthouse to assist boats in navigating securely beyond the cove.

For urban parks and public spaces, the Royal Gardens in Alexandria are relatively remarkable in that they are meticulously planned and well-equipped with benches and wading pools as well as swimming pools that are available for the general public to use and enjoy.

Entrance Fee at the Montazah Palace

Because the entrance fee for Montazah castle is just 25 pounds per person, it is called a low-cost admission ticket.

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