Mummification Museum

Mummification Museum

Mummification Museum

Many people are surprised to learn that Mummification Museum and monuments are all about the ancient practice of mummification. Because of this, tens of thousands of tourists and locals go there every month.

The Mummification Museum is a fascinating museum in Luxor, which used to be called Thebes. It is close to the powerful Nile River. When it comes to mummification, the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms of Egypt are shown in the right way. You can see how animals were put to sleep. And learn about the tools and supplies that were used back then.

Information about the museum

A small museum on the banks of the Nile has an interesting display about mummification in ancient Egypt.

Here, you can find everything a mummy might need on its way to the afterlife, from tools to take out organs to medicines to heal the body.

At Deir el-Bahri in Egypt, the painted tomb of Maseharti, a high priest and commander from the 21st Dynasty, was found.

A mummified cat, which was a sign of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. And a mummified ram, which was a sign of the god Khnum, are also on display.

One of the teaching tools shown is a cross-section of a mummified skull. The brain has been taken out, and different things have been put inside the skull. There might be a piece of a mummified toe in this place.

At the beginning of the museum

The Mummification Museum, opened in 1997 and is right next to the beautiful Museum of Luxor. Was only made to teach people about mummification. One goal of the book is to show how ancient Egyptians said goodbye to their dead and made sure they were safe on their way to the afterlife.

There are many important pieces of history to see, like headrests made of limestone, and ointment jars. Ceremonial instruments, chests, and skeletons of different animals (rams, cats, ducks, crocodiles, parts of oxen, and many others). The Museum of Mummification is an interesting place where people can learn about how the ancient Egyptians kept the dead alive.

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