Nubian Villages

Nubian Villages

Aswan, in the southernmost part of Egypt, is a must-see place, on the western side of the Nile, Aswan is surrounded by several small islands and Nubian Villages. The colorful paint on the homes of the Nubians, who number a little more than 100,000, gives them a happy look. They speak a language called “Nubian,” and they have customs different from those of the rest of Egypt. They may be related to people who lived in Africa and Sudan long ago and then moved south of Egypt to farm along the Nile. If you are passing through Aswan, this well-known tourist spot is a great place to stop for a short tour of the city.

During your trip to Egypt, you must stop by a Nubian village. There are many things to do in Aswan, but this may be the one that makes you feel the most. People in Nubia are amiable, so if you visit a Nubian family, you can expect the best hospitality. This group has dark skin and a name from the Nuba or Nubian language. Several people said “No way” when asked if they would ever teach someone else their language. Mud is often used to build Nubian homes, usually blue or orange. You’ll see palm trees and gardens everywhere, and most farms here raise chickens and goats. If they weren’t farmers, they could sell crafts and henna designs to tourists and make a living that way. On our trip, both adults and kids had a great time.

A Quick Look at Nuba’s Past

They may be why Nubian culture is still around today, because the women of Nubia are proud of their heritage. They like to show off what they make and sell tasty foods from their area to tourists. As part of their old ways, they still wear traditional clothes and make Nubian jewelry to sell to tourists. They are the ones who still teach traditional Nubian dances and music to their children and tell them old Nubian stories and legends. They also marry people of the same race. Old Egyptian ideas still have a big effect on the culture of the Nubians.

People used to think that an embalmed crocodile corpse hanging over their front door would keep the evil eye away. Because of this, the bodies of dead crocodiles hang over the doors of homes in the area. Crocodiles say that the Fish People kill them, put straw in their mouths, and chase them away from their homes. Crocodiles are kept in cages all over the site. Visitors can take pictures with them and may even be able to feed them. During the time of Egypt’s pharaohs, people thought that the crocodiles in the Nile were controlled by Sobek, a god who was bad, jealous, and liked to fight. Because of this belief, the Nubians mummified crocodiles as part of their culture and as a way to keep evil away.

The way to get to the Nubian towns.

You have to take a felucca or another small boat down the Nile to get to the communities, which are just a short walk from downtown Aswan. It’s not even hard. Going to Egypt to see the Nubian communities that our group helps? We’ll make sure you have a way to get around, so you can go wherever you want. You can also take a speedboat ride across the Nile to get to the beautiful settlements. How long it takes depends on where you start, but it shouldn’t take more than forty minutes. On a cruise to Nubia, you can see a gorgeous sunset, see interesting things, and breathe in fresh air. As your amazing journey begins, the charming village starts to rise out of the water. You can buy food, gifts, spices, and other things at this time.

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