Philae Temple

Philae Temple

Why is Philae Temple important?

Philae’s Temple is a temple dedicated to the goddess Philae.

Where is Philae Temple?

The Philae Temple, which located three miles from Aswan railway station, is a lavish and spectacular monument.

Aesthetic components of great beauty, such as the exquisite granite and polished stones,

The lavishly carved capitals of diverse forms, Click to know more about Egypt Nile Cruises

And the ceilings with gorgeous astrological motifs, found nowhere else in the ancient world, incomparably beautiful.

When was Philae Temple built? 280 BCE.

Philae Temple
Philae Temple Aswan


Philae Temple History

The earliest monument in Temple of Philae goes back to the reign of the XXV dynasty, devoted to Isis only later,

With the building of the magnificent temple that still covers a significant portion of the island’s surface area.

The temple complex also includes a “Mammisi” (the House of Birth) and a modest chapel devoted to Osiris, the goddess’ spouse,

Which both located within its perimeter walls and enclosure, You can also read about Egypt Day Tours

Through the first pylon, which built by Nectanebo II, we enter the city.

After passing through the entrance of the second pylon, you reach the hypostyle hall,

Philae Temple Architecture formed of 10 columns and erected by Ptolemy IX Evargete II.

A stairway leads to the second pylon, and from here you access the hypostyle hall.

After walking through several additional chambers, you arrive at the sanctuary, which serves as the temple’s focal point.


Osiris Story at the Temple

In all Philae Temple Facts elements, the tale of Osiris depicted in all its reliefs on the walls of the vast temple of Isis.

The Egyptian gods of fertility are shown on the temple’s outside walls, towards the base of the structure.

Augustus is responsible for the whole of the external decorations.

Indeed, the emperor himself appears there on multiple occasions,

Each time clothed in the garb of a pharaoh and in the process of presenting presents to the Egyptian gods.

The cloister erected by Nectanebo I, pharaoh of the XXX Dynasty, however, can be found to the southeast of Philea,

Behind it is a lovely colonnade in the form of a papyrus that dates from Roman times.

From the colonnade, one can view the two modest Ptolemaic-Roman temples devoted to Nubian deities:

Arensnuphis and Mandulis however, built in the late Ptolemaic-Roman period.

Furthermore, a tiny temple erected by Ptolemy V Epiphanes dedicated to Imhotep,

Who considered to be one of the best builders in history.

In conclusion, The Cloister of Trajan, which located close to Philae Temple, is another magnificent structure.

Philae temple opening hours


Is Philae Temple Worth?

In ancient times, it was thought that the Temple of Philea served as the holy burial site of Osiris,

Known as “He who lays at File,” and it was for this reason that it referred to as “The Holy Island.”

The whole island considered holy, and only with the consent of the top priests was able to get access to its hallowed grounds.

Making a journey to File for the Egyptians was something that everyone had to do at least once in their lives.

This lovely temple, which situated on the island of Agilika, south of the old Aswan Dam,

Can only accesse by one of the special motorboats that operate on the river.

The temple relocated to its present position during the building of the high dam,

Which posed a major danger of completely submerging it.

The lines of the ancient complex, Discover now Egypt vacation packages

As well as its harmonic integration with the surrounding terrain, have meticulously retained in the rebuilding.

Philadelphia Island:

Philadelphia (the island where the temple situated) rose to prominence under the Ptolemaic dynasty

As a center of devotion for the goddess Isis, and it remained so until the early Christian era.

It was one of the few places in Egypt where the old worship survived following the arrival of Christianity,

And it formally closed in 550 AD that the cult finally extinguished.

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Why was the temple of Philae built?

Later, the main temple utilized as a site of worship by the early Christians,

Which is why defacements can see on certain representations of old deities,

As a result of the Christian faithful attempting to remove pagan images from the location they claimed as their own.

Philae Temple
Philae Temple

The Temple of Isis:

Even though the Temple of Isis is the primary attraction on the island, many other smaller temples are also worth seeing.

As with many major tourist destinations in Egypt, the temple of Isis also has a light and sound show,

However, this regarded to be one of the most magnificent when compared to the other grandiose events on the Egyptian calendar.

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The amazing mood created by the ruins of the island, bathed in the light of the spotlights,

Greatly encourages visitors to come to the place in the evening to take in this spectacular show of light and shadow.

How did they move the Temple of Philae?

transferred block by block from Philae Egypt original place to Agilika Island, 12 kilometers south of Aswan.

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