Ramses II Mortuary Temple

Ramses II Mortuary Temple

The temple to Ramses II (Ramses II Mortuary Temple)

The design of the Mortuary Temple always reminds people of how powerful Ramses II, the Great Pharaoh, was.

Around the Mortuary Temple are monuments that show how powerful and dominant he was. These monuments can be seen all over Egypt.


To get to Luxor, you can take a train from Cairo to Aswan, fly from Cairo for an hour. Or drive for three hours from Hurghada on the Red Sea or from Aswan in Egypt’s capital. There are also a number of other ways to get to Luxor in the same amount of time.


The temple where Ramses II was laid to rest has now been finished. It was a part of his funeral complex, and it took about 20 years to build.

When it was first built, many people thought the Ramesseum was one of the most beautiful temples in all of Egypt. It was about the same size and had the same kind of architecture as Abu Simbel and Medinet Habu.

Ramses II is shown in the Temple of Ramses II as a god who will live forever because the Nile floods.

Some parts of the Battle of Qadesh are very important to remember, like when Pharaoh shot his arrows at the warriors on the other side.

Even though the huge statues of Ramses III that once stood proudly in front of the Temple’s entrance are now in ruins. You might still be able to find bits and pieces of them scattered all over the Temple. You might learn something by looking at them.

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