Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park

Which tourist region is Ras Mohammed National Park located?

Ras Mohammed National Park is a conservation area that is the pride of Egypt,

Established in 1989 and was the country’s first national park.

It established to conserve the species representatives of flora and fauna,

As well as the development of these species in their natural environment.

The park has a total area of 480 square kilometers, with water covering more than two-thirds of the land surface area.

The park’s area contains two islands – Tiran and Sanafir – that are part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ras Mohammed National Park (also known as “Cape of Mohammed”) situated in the south of the Sinai Peninsula,

25 kilometers southwest of Sharm el-Sheikh (along the coast of the Red Sea).

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Ras Mohammed National Park: Snorkeling

Ras Mohammed Snorkeling trip The southernmost half of the island is home to some of the world’s best snorkeling beaches,

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A coral reef system that is about two billion years old may see on the park’s grounds.

Salt Lake and Lake of Desires, which are also distinctive features of the park, may be found there.

The water in the first of these bodies of water has partly desalinated

Because the lake nourished by freshwater coming from the earth.

How many species of coral and fish are in Ras Mohammed National Park?

Because the lake supplied by a series of unique salt springs, the water in the second is twice as salty as the water in the sea.

Turtles, bizarre fish, such as Napoleon fish, butterflyfish, and angelfish,

As well as a plethora of other species, are all represented in the underwater realm of the ocean.

At only 6 meters from the water’s edge, reefs begin to appear. Their vibrant colors and diverse species resemble those of a fairy-tale forest,

And they are home to coral fish of incredible beauty such as hedgehog fish, parrotfish, and others, along with starfish, sea urchins, sea lilies, and seahorses,

In addition to stingrays, barracuda, and even sharks, Click to read Egypt Nile Cruises

A large number of birds, including migrating birds, gazelles, foxes, hyenas, and reptiles,

May find in the reserve’s land, representatives of the fauna, which also includes a variety of other animals.

It is very important to protect the mangroves in the park. Another benefit of the reserve is the presence of a diverse range of geological rocks.

Ras Mohamed Park receives around 50,000 people every year, with the number of visitors growing

As the Sinai area becomes more well-known.

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What is the natural significance of Ras Mohammad?

Do not miss the mangroves, which have evolved to survive in salt water and have grown a thick layer of dried salt over their roots

To protect them from water intrusion, Ras Mohammed National Park entrance fee Read more about Egypt Day Trips

They may seem unassuming, yet such a strong want to live compels respect.

Visit the Magic Bay, which has a salinity that matches that of the Dead Sea.

In addition, it believed that the salinity and mud of the bay are medicinal (the corresponding souvenirs are available for purchase in the reserve)

That water can grant wishes if you can immerse yourself completely in it, head first (try, but the salt stubbornly resists)

And that it is impossible to photograph a magical place from a satellite.

There are plenty of things to do, all you need is some time to look around.

Then, if you’re fortunate, you may get to view some of the creatures and birds that call the reserve home.

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Ras Mohamed Park diving

As a result of the strong underwater currents surrounding parts of Ras Mohammed National Park’s reefs, snorkeling not permitted in some areas.

Of course, it’s important to pay attention to the suggestions of local diving instructors.

The coral reefs of the reserve are very spectacular: they are actual seamounts,

With a wide plateau and cliffs somewhere in the distance that can’t see from the surface of the water.

No matter which dives site you select – Eel Garden, Anemone City How deep is Ras Mohammed? (which is nothing more than a blossoming garden at a depth of 14 meters!)

Or one of the other spectacular masterpieces of nature –the underwater environment of the park will completely wow you with its beauty.

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How deep is Ras Mohamed Park?

It is preferable to dive with your shoes on to avoid inadvertently cutting yourself and to observe as many fish

As possible dwelling amongst the corals, it is preferable to dive in the afternoon when the crowds of visitors have subsided a bit.

It is possible to rent equipment in the reserve,

Or you may purchase a set of equipment at the time of your purchase of a tour.

Dive instructors will award a unique certificate to those who complete their first dive course.

In addition, everyone who has snorkeled or dived in Ras Mohammed National Park will see a spectacular and genuinely unique sight.

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