safety in egypt

Safety in Egypt: Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt?

Safety in Egypt is a concern for many travelers interested in exploring the country’s rich history, culture, and natural wonders. While Egypt is generally safe for tourists, taking certain precautions is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. In this article “Safety in Egypt”, we’ll explore the safety situation in Egypt, including the measures taken by the government to ensure the safety of tourists, areas considered safe, and tips for staying safe while traveling in Egypt. Whether planning a solo adventure or a group tour, understanding the safety situation in Egypt is essential for a successful trip.

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Tourist police in Egypt

safety in egypt
Tourist Police in Egypt securing the pyramids and preserving the safety of tourists

While visiting any location, travelers put safety as their primary concern. Due to its history of political turmoil, terrorism, and high crime rates, safety is paramount for travelers visiting Egypt. As a result, the Egyptian government has implemented several measures to guarantee the safety and security of visitors to the nation. The Tourist Police, which provides protection and support to visitors in Egypt, is one of the most significant initiatives.

II. Tourist Police Services in Egypt

The Tourist Police in Egypt offers a variety of services to travelers. Ensuring foreign tourists are safe and secure is one of its main tasks. To dissuade crime and avert possible threats, Tourist Police in Egypt personnel may be seen monitoring well-known tourist locations, including hotels, marketplaces, and tourist attractions. The Egypt Tourist Police further provide support and guidance to tourists by giving them directions, suggestions for respectable companies, and information about cultural places and events.

The Tourist Police in Egypt may be called for help in cases of crisis or emergency, such as theft, accidents, or medical situations. Also, they provide a hotline number that tourists may contact for assistance, and the Tourist Police offices are available round-the-clock to support travelers.

III. Partnership with Other Entities in Egypt

The Egyptian Tourist Police collaborates with other tourism-related organizations to improve visitor safety and security. One of the most significant collaborations is with the Ministry of Tourism, which is instrumental in presenting Egypt as a secure and alluring travel destination.

To offer safety and security measures to its visitors, the Egypt Tourist Police also collaborate with hotels, tour companies, and other tourism-related enterprises. They provide these firms with instruction and guidance on improving their security protocols and guaranteeing the protection of their patrons.

safety in egypt
A tourist with Egypt tourist police in Giza Pyramids

IV. Tourist Police Hotline in Egypt

Use the hotline number 122 that the Egyptian Tourist Police has provided in case of an emergency or crisis. Officers of the Tourist Police who have received training to assist tourists by giving them information on safety and security precautions, reporting crimes, or getting medical attention are on duty at the hotline.

The hotline supports several languages, including German, French, and English. An essential service directs visitors to the Tourist Police, guaranteeing they may get help immediately in an emergency.

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, Egypt’s Tourist Police is essential to safeguarding the security and safety of travelers to the nation. The Tourist Police personnel have received specialized training to help and support tourists, and they collaborate with other tourism-related organizations to improve safety and security measures.

In the case of an emergency or crisis, travelers may directly contact help via the Tourist Police hotline, which is an essential service. Overall, Egypt’s tourist police play a crucial role in the country’s tourism sector by giving guests the security they need to enjoy their time in this exciting and culturally diverse nation.

Cities in Egypt are completely safe

Egypt is popular with tourists worldwide because it has many historical sites, a rich culture, and beautiful natural scenery. There are also several cities that tourists are told are perfectly safe to visit in Egypt. Here are some of the safety cities in Egypt to see and the best things to do there:


safety in egypt
Giza pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo Egypt

Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, is often regarded as a secure tourist location. The city is home to some of Egypt’s most well-known tourist destinations, including the Khan el-Khalili market, the Egyptian Museum, and the Pyramids of Giza. Despite minor crimes like theft and pickpocketing, Cairo seldom sees severe crimes against visitors, and its safety city in Egypt.

The Egyptian government is committed to ensuring visitors’ safety and has taken several steps. One of them is the use of a specialized tourist police unit that has been trained to help and protect visitors. At well-known tourist places, such as hotels, tourist attractions, and transportation hubs, you may find Tourist Police personnel.


safety in egypt
Aswan is safety city in Egypt; travelers exploring the Abu Simbel Temples

Aswan is a beautiful city in the south of Egypt, and it is known for its beautiful scenery, ancient temples, and the Nile River. The Philae Temple, built in the 4th century BC and dedicated to the goddess Isis, is among Aswan’s best things to see. The temple is on an island in the Nile River, and people can take a boat. The Aswan Botanical Garden, the Nubian Museum, and the Unfinished Obelisk are well-known places.


safety in egypt
Traveler discovering the Luxor Temple

Luxor is another city in southern Egypt. It is known for its many historical sites, such as the Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of many pharaohs from the New Kingdom period can be found. Visitors can also see the Karnak Temple, a vast complex of temples and monuments from the 2nd millennium BC, and the Luxor Temple, a temple to the god Amun that has been well cared for. The Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon, and the Luxor Museum are other places you must see in Luxor.


safety in egypt
Top view of Hurghada beach

Hurghada is a famous beach resort town in Egypt. It is on the Red Sea and is known for its clear water, coral reefs, and sandy beaches. Visitors can do things like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing in the water, relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun. There are also many restaurants, bars, and shops in the town and a few local markets where tourists can buy souvenirs and handmade goods.

Sharm El Sheikh

safety in egypt
Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

On the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh is another popular beach resort in Egypt. People can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing in the water or check out the local markets and restaurants. The town is also a great place to stay while visiting nearby sights, such as the Ras Mohammed National Park, a protected area known for its coral reefs and variety of marine life.


safety in egypt
Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, known for its long history, historic sites, and lively cultural scene. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern library built to honor the old Library of Alexandria, is one of Alexandria’s most popular places. Visitors can also check out the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, a group of tombs from the 2nd century AD, and the Roman Amphitheater, built in the 2nd century BC. The Alexandria National Museum, the Montazah Palace, and the Alexandria Corniche, a beautiful walk along the water, are popular places to visit in Alexandria.

Ultimately, these safe cities in Egypt have much to offer tourists, from historic sites and beautiful natural scenery to lively culture and delicious food. People can check out old temples, tombs, and monuments, relax on the beach, or learn about the culture and traditions of the area. A trip to Egypt can be safe and fun if you take the proper precautions and listen to the Tourist Police.

Tips for planning a safe trip to Egypt

safety in egypt
Horse carriage in Giza Pyramids

Planning a trip to Egypt can be fun and memorable, but it’s important to remember a few safety tips to make sure the trip is safe and fun. Here are some ways to make sure your trip to Egypt is safe:

1. Research the areas you plan to visit

Before you plan your trip to Egypt, research the places you want to see to ensure they are safe for tourists. Travel advisories and warnings from the US State Department and other government agencies are always up to date and can help you decide where to go.

2. Consider hiring a local guide

For safety in Egypt Hiring a local guide is a great way to stay safe and informed while traveling in Egypt. A guide who knows the area well can tell you about local customs and traditions and help you get around the often-crowded tourist spots.

3. Follow the local customs and traditions

Egypt is a conservative country with many cultural customs and practices that may differ from those in Western countries. It’s essential to respect local businesses, dress modestly, and avoid doing things considered rude or offensive for your safety and security in Egypt.

4. Be careful with your things

Egypt is usually safe for tourists, but minor crimes like theft can happen. Be cautious with your items, especially in busy areas like markets and tourist attractions. Only carry around a little cash and hide valuables like cameras and phones.

5. Use a reputable tour company

If you want to go on a group tour, research and use a reputable tour company. A reputable tour company will ensure a safe and fun trip by providing knowledgeable guides, safe transportation, and an excellent place to stay for your safety in Egypt.

6. Register with your embassy

Registering with your embassy or consulate before going to Egypt is a good idea. This will make sure you can be reached in an emergency and that you know about any safety problems in the country for your safety in Egypt.

7. Follow the Tourist Police’s advice

The Tourist Police in Egypt are trained to help tourists and ensure they are safe. It’s essential to listen to and do what they say, especially in crowded places or when visiting places like religious monuments. These are insurance for your safety in Egypt.

Ultimately, you can have a safe and fun trip to Egypt if you follow these tips and pay attention to your surroundings. Proper planning and preparation allow you to safely explore this wonderful country’s rich history and culture.

Egypt is a safe place for tourists, but you should be careful and use common sense when booking Egypt day tours and Egypt Nile cruises. Look for tour companies with a good reputation and good reviews from past customers, and put safety and security at the top of their priorities. It’s also a good idea to check the latest travel warnings from your government and stay away from places that are thought to be dangerous. Be aware of your surroundings in Egypt, keep your valuables safe, and do what your tour guide says. You can feel safe on your day tours and Nile cruise in Egypt if you take these steps and choose a reputable tour company.

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