Sinai Peninsula in Egypt

The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt encompasses an area of ​​about 61 thousand square kilometers and is positioned between Asia and Africa. Sinai is the entryway to Egypt from the east, and is separated into two governorates, the Southern Governorate, and the Northern Governorate.

Al-Arish is the seat of the northern government and is famed for its magnificent beaches and palm palms, whereas El-Tor is the capital of the southern governorate. Tourist area

Mount Sinai

Also known as Jebel Horeb in Hebrew (Jabal Musa in Arabic), Mount Sinai is situated in the southern Sinai Peninsula.

On the peak there is a church of the Holy Trinity, and at the foot of the mountain lies the monastery of St. Catherine.

Mount Sinai is the area of divine inspiration, breathtaking vistas, and in all ways a site befitting of the renowned historical event when God spoke to Moses via a burning bush on Mount Sinai and where the prophet received the Tablets of the Ten Commandments from God. The Prophet Musa was also addressed in the Holy Qur’an as “the word of God,” meaning “whoever the Lord spoke.”

The fact that there is such a link between Mount Sinai and the Bible and other books, this area has always been of interest to pilgrims from all parts of the globe, who journeyed to Egypt to replicate the methods of the Prophet Moses.

How do you travel to Sinai?

There is an international airport in Sharm El Sheikh and also in Taba, however, there is no international airport in the Northern Governorate.

Also, you may approach Sinai through the port of Nuweiba or you can cross the border at Rafah in the North Sinai Governorate between Egypt and Palestine.

If you are in Cairo, you can reach Sinai via bus. The most practical method is to take a vacation to Sharm El Sheikh, where you may appreciate the splendor of the Red Sea, and then take a tour of Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Why should you visit Sinai?

Sinai is an excellent spot for everyone who wishes to breathe and appreciate the most breathtaking sights of nature. If you wish to get away from the rush and bustle of the city, then be sure that a vacation to Sinai will surprise you.

In a 360-day sunny environment, you will discover there the greatest coral reefs in the world, the spectacular mountain desert, the highest standards of comfort and quality of resorts and hotels.

8 things to do in Sinai

  • Go snorkeling in the Ras Mohammed National Park, west of Sharm El-Sheikh
  • Walking the Pilgrims Trail on the Ways of Moses on Mount Sinai
  • A visit to Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai
  • Go snorkeling at Lighthouse Reef in Dahab
  • If you love camping, consider camping on the northern beach in Nuweiba
  • Go on a desert safari
  • Explore the amazing blue hole in the picturesque city of Dahab
  • Enjoy the most renowned beach cities in Sinai: Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Dahab and Nuweiba.

Traveler’s favorite spot

Sinai was historically a location of strife and shelter, and for hundreds of years, this section of Egypt became a destination for pilgrims. Today Sinai is not only a sacred site for religious people, but also on the list of vacationers who visit the country.


When visiting Sinai, contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem, and only dispose of your rubbish in approved sites.

Embark on fascinating tours of the Sinai with a vacation to Egypt.

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