Tombs of the Nobles Aswan

Tombs of the Nobles Aswan

What is Tombs of the Nobles Aswan?

Tombs of the Nobles Aswan, Excavations at Elephantine’s Governors’ Tombs (Qubbet el-Hawa):

The University of Jaén began an ambitious multidisciplinary research project in 2008

Centered on the excavation of the governors’ tombs (Qubbet el-Hawa),

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What do you call the tombs of the Nobles in Egypt?

Which buried on Elephantine (a river islande) and now know as Tombs of the Nobles Aswan.

As a result of the significance of the site and the multidisciplinary character of the work,

The Spanish government has shown its trust in the initiative

By providing money for two R+D+i projects since 2010, Read more about Temple of Edfu

About thirty scholars from universities in Jaén, Granada, Autónoma de Madrid, Berlin,

And the National Archaeological Museum have taken part far, with the majority coming from Spain.

Tombs of the Nobles Aswan


Aswan Tombs of the Nobles studing

However, specialists from the United States, Italy, and France have also invited to join.

The goal of the study project is to extract much information as possible from the archaeological data

Tombs of the Nobles Aswan, the participation of other professionals who do not seem to associate

With the fields of archaeology or Egyptology is essential.

Physical anthropologists are in charge of determining the age, gender,

And pathologies of the human remain discovered, Click to read Ancient Egyptian Memphis

Chemical researchers can determine the composition of the pigments used to decorate the burial goods

Using a non-invasive technique know as Raman

Architects reconstruct and attempt to explain how Tombs of the Nobles Aswan constructed,

And restorers consolidate and restore,

As much as possible, the original aspect of the pieces discovered.

Who built the tombs of the nobles?

Geologists have explained why Tombs of the Nobles Aswan built in these locations

And how they have affected the stability of the hill

Anthropologists have identified the types of wood that used by the ancient Egyptians,

Ddetermining whether they imported or indigenous

And Egyptologists have read the hieroglyphic inscriptions and interpreted all of the data by relating it to historical sources.


Archaeological Topics of Tombs of the Nobles Egypt

Several archaeological discoveries indicate that governors in ancient Egypt served

As the pharaoh’s representatives in the provinces and were often given broad powers,

Which included everything from religious to economic authority.

The qualities of each province might summarise as follows:

About the territory under the control of Elephantine,

In particular, it located on the boundary between Egypt and Nubia,

Which made it a vital point of interchange for people traveling

Between the Upper Nile Valley and adjacent deserts, Details About Egypt vacation packages

Aside from that, there were outcrops of pink granite in the area, now know as the modern city of Aswan,

Which had treasured since the dawn of Egyptian civilization for its use in the fabrication of vessels

And the building of monumental structures.

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Tombs of the Nobles Egypt


Tombs of the Nobles Aswan History

The University of Jaén has so far unearthed six hypogea (rock-cut graves), some of which were vast in scale,

Moreover, Such as the tomb of Sarenput II or the QH33, which just recently discovered.

This last burial complex has been the site of some of the most extraordinary finds in recent history.

Where were nobles buried in ancient Egypt?

This tomb has discovered to have four intact rooms and two partly plundered chambers (the excavation has not yet finished).

Among them was the corpse of Governor Heqaib III, who lived approximately 1800 BC and discovered in one of the caves.

However, an anthropological examination of his physique revealed that he had significant scoliosis (spinal deformity),

Which meant that his statue, which is now on display at the Nubian Museum in the Egyptian capital of Aswan,

Would have completely different (Egypt).

About Tomb of Nobles

The finding of the corpse of an Egyptian governor is uncommon in most instances,

Tombs of the Nobles Aswan have already robbed before the body discovered.

As a result of this stroke of luck, three graves of persons who close to him discover,

Iincluding a half-brother and what seems to be his wife.

The third contemporary of Heqaib III has not named as of yet, although

He found with one of the most exquisite copper, silver, ebony, and ivory daggers ever discovered in Egypt,

Which discovered on his person.

During two subsequent eras (1500 and 600 B.C.), the Heqaib III burial complex re-occupied by individuals

Who had nothing to do with the reigning line of Elephantine, and the structure eventually abandoned.

Currently, we know that moreover two hundred persons buried inside the QH33 hypogeum,

But this number is likely to increase in the future.

The Mummies in The nobles

Unfortunately, however, practically all of the mummies robbed throughout antiquity,

And the tomb itself even burnt to the ground at the end of the 6th century.

Despite this, two rooms containing eleven tombs that discovered at the same period looked to be in good condition,

Allowing us to recreate the circumstances.


How do I get to the tomb of nobles in Aswan?

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