The Valley of the Nobles

The Valley of the Nobles

The Valley of the Nobles

This area, called the Valley of the Nobles, is home to people from the noble class.

The Valley (Tombs of the Nobles), as it is called, gives an interesting look into the hundreds of tombs that have been found there. It used to be an old city on the West Bank of the Nie River, which was surrounded by sandstone cliffs where all the burials took place.

Location of the Valley of the Nobles :

Upper Egypt’s Luxor is easy to get to. From Cairo, you can fly there in an hour or take a train for a night (which takes roughly ten hours). You can either fly or drive from Hurghada to get there (about 4 hours). From Aswan, the only options are a three-hour drive or a two-day cruise on the Nile.

History :

The Tombs of the Nobles are in the Theban Necropolis. They are on the West Bank of the Nile, across from Luxor City. In this neighborhood, there are a number of tombs. Some of them hold the graves of some of the city’s most powerful courtiers and residents.

People said there were a lot of tombs there, and some of them were thought to be missing and haven’t been found yet. During Egypt’s, New Kingdom, some tombs had their owners’ names and titles written on them. This was done to honor the dead and say a short prayer. Tourists often miss the Tombs of the Nobles because they focus more on the Valley of the Kings.

But they are worth going to see. There are more than a thousand monuments in the city’s cemetery, and many of them have paintings that show what the people who lived there did with their lives. On the site, you can see the grave of Jennifer, who was Mayor of Thebes when he died. The original paintings on this tomb were of grapevines and farmland, which is a shame.

At the beautiful Noble Ramose Tomb, you can get a sense of what it was like to live in Egypt during the time of Akhenaten, one of the first kings to believe in only one god.So far, about 450 Noble tombs have been found at this site near the Nile on the West Bank of ancient Egypt.

There are also the tombs of lower-ranking officials and common people, as well as those of high-ranking officials and aristocrats. Right now, people can only visit 15 tombs as part of a guided tour. The Ramesseum is on the other side of the street from these graves.

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