Black Desert

Black Desert

Black Desert in Egypt

Location :

It takes about four to five hours from Cairo to the Black Desert. It’s a popular place for tourists who want to get away from the usual tourist spots in Egypt and have a different kind of experience. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world can be found in this area. Because the desert plains are arid and the summers are sweltering, this part of the Western Desert is mostly empty.

Black Desert:

In stark contrast to the White Desert, It has volcanic mountains that look like they came from a Star Wars movie.

Small black volcanic rocks are mixed with the orange and brown sand covering the mountains and floors. People can climb the gentle peaks, which offer beautiful views of the desert and take some great photos.

A place to “pass-through” because there are no services on it because there are no people there. Several dunes of different sizes and shapes are spread across the landscape. Instead of mountains, you should think of them as volcanoes erupting from the desert floor.

If you climb one of the charcoal peaks, you’ll get a beautiful view of the area around you. What used to be a big body of water is now a beautiful mix of dark, yellow, and reddish colors. Since no one lives here, the area looks empty, but it has a peaceful vibe. It feels like you’ve entered another world.

Off-road jeep safaris might take you through rock formations that look like canyons and over rolling sand dunes. If you want to camp in the Black Desert at night, it’s also a good idea to be ready. When you see pictures of the night sky full of thousands of bright stars, it will take your breath away. There is no place in the Milky Way that is as beautiful as this one. Make a wish as a shooting star leads the way.

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