El Kharga Oasis

What is the Al Kharga Oasis?

El Kharga Oasis is located approximately 200 kilometers west of the Nile in the southern section of Egypt’s Western Desert. Kharga Oasis (site a) is a depression that extends for approximately 180 x 15-30 kilometers in a north-south direction and is around 180 kilometers wide. Kharga arable soils have mineralogy comparable to Nile silt, showing that the region has had a long association with the Nile.

El Kharga Oasis
El Kharga Oasis Egypt

Location of the El Kharga Oasis

From Dakhla, the Kharga Oasis is around 180 kilometers long and may be reached by using the desert route that follows the left bank of the Nile to Asyut. Kharga is the most populous of the western oasis of the desert, with a population of more than 60,000 people. It has been a point of reference for caravans leaving Sudan to reach the Nile valley in the course of the slave trade from ancient times.

Attractions to see

There are a plethora of archaeological artifacts that bear witness to Kharga’s prominence, as well as several points of interest to visit, such as ancient temples, fortresses, and towns, which can all be found in the area. Additionally, the vestiges of the old caravan route that connected Egypt and Sudan are quite interesting to explore.

Several interesting sites can be found in the vicinity of Kharga, including Qasr el Labeka, a Roman castle on a historic route, the Ethnic Oasis Museum, the Roman Temple of Hibis, and the Christian cemetery, which has chapels painted in bright colors. In the Oasis of Baris, there is also the Temple of Dush, which is devoted to the goddesses Isis and Serapis and is a sight to see.

Comparison with other similar properties

They don’t have anything like the Kharga Oasis, and it has a chain of Roman buildings, a network of caravan routes that crossed it, and unique natural features that aren’t found in any other place in Egypt.

Wadi Rum, in southern Jordan, is the closest thing that looks like this. It has both natural and cultural features, and it shows how humans have changed over a long period. In addition, Kharga has a unique chain of Late Roman forts that there is no other place like.

There is no other mixed cultural and natural WH place like Kharga in Africa and around the Mediterranean. It has a long history and a wide range of features.

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