Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis :

The Farafra Oasis is a rare and beautiful place to find in Egypt’s the Western Desert. The Farafra Oasis is a natural area that is one of a kind.

His Location :

Farafra is a place in the west of Egypt, between the oasis of Dakhla and the oasis of Bahariya. It is 180 km to the Black Desert, 170 km to the Bahariya Oasis, and 627 km to Cairo. The Farafra Oasis is home to more than 5,000 Bedouins. Like most homes in the area, theirs are made of adobe. There are more than 100 hot water wells in Farafra, Egypt. Most of them are used to grow crops.

Best 5 places to visit in Farafra Oasis Egypt :

1. The Hot Springs:

Ain Bishay, which has been used to water crops since Roman times, Bir Sitta, which has the hottest water of any spring in the oasis, and Abu Nus (the big tourist lake for relaxation and swimming).

2. The Museum of Badr:

Here are the sculptures that “Badr” made out of stone, mud, and sand. He also makes things that respect the rich cultural history of Farafra.

3. The White Desert :

Farafra is in the north. The White Desert got its name because sandstorms covered the rocks with white limestone. There are fossils of sea creatures in the rocks. “The Finger of God” or “Al Qubar” is the name of one of the most famous rocks in the Western Desert. It looks like a finger and is 20 meters tall. Here’s where you can find more to read. Go to Egypt in the year 2022.

4. The Black Desert :

Since thousands of years ago, volcanic activity has been putting black rocks on it. The highest point in the Black Desert is the English Mountain.

5. The Crystal Mountain:

The White and Black Deserts separate it. Crystals from the rocks in Casita are used to make it.

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